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Image: The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania, by Sir Joseph Noel Paton, 1849, Scottish National Galleries.

Welcome to the website of The Patons of Dunfermline. We are a charity devoted to the research and education on the work of the Paton family and demonstrating their importance in Scottish art, culture and history.



We are extremely grateful for all donations, however small, to keep our charity running and go towards the upkeep of the Wooers' Alley garden.

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About the Patons

Find out more about a family of 19th century artists and designers from Dunfermline

Image: Lithograph of Wooers' Alley Cottage, after Waller Hugh Paton  © HES Archive


The Wooers' Alley Project

The garden at Wooers' Alley, the inspiration behind the Patons' most famous works of art, has been left overgrown and neglected in the centre of Dunfermline for almost 100 years.


We have a team of amazing volunteers who are helping to transform this secret garden back to its former glory, so that locals and visitors can enjoy it again.


The Patons Walking Trail

A walking trail around Dunfermline exploring the life and work of a family of 19th century artists.


The Amelia Trail

A walking trail around Edinburgh

of the sculptures of Amelia Robertson Hill (née Paton)

The Masterplan for the Tower Burn Trail and Wooers' Alley

Our aim is to deliver on the results of the 2023 Community-led Consultation and restore the garden and woodland at Wooers' Alley in Dunfermline, so that it can once again be a place of beauty and inspiration for locals and visitors.


We are working in partnership with Dunfermline Greenspace SCIO who are leading the development of the wider Tower Burn Trail Masterplan.


What’s On

News & Events


Community Clean-ups

We have regular Community Clean Ups at Wooers' Alley. Please email us if you would like to be a volunteer.


Charitable Purposes

Our purposes are: 


The advancement of the arts, heritage, and culture through activities which will educate people of all backgrounds about the Patons of Dunfermline and the importance of their role in Scottish culture, art, and history.


The advancement of community development through activities involving the local community in bringing a derelict property back into community use, creating learning opportunities about Dunfermline’s rich cultural history in relation to the Patons and their influence in art, sculpture and local textile manufacturing.

We are proud to be working in partnership with Fife Council, Fife Cultural Trust, Dunfermline Carnegie Trust, The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA), Firestation Creative Arts, Dunfermline Greenspaces SCIO and the Dunfermline Regeneration Trust.


The Patons Of Dunfermline SCIO,

PO Box 28679,


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